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'Shaala' /ʃa:la:/ is one of the many words that is used to refer to a 'school' in the ancient Indic language—Sanskrit. We truly believe that there is no bigger service in this world than the sharing of knowledge.

WebShaala is founded as an organisation for this very purpose. Using the world-wide-web as a canvas, we aim to help and share knowledge with one and all—for free!

Technology is no longer a want. It's a need—a basic utility. And at the rate at which it changes, it's sometimes hard to keep up. We're here for you. So, tell us what you want to learn in this gadget friendly world—and we'll create a tutorial for you to learn from.
What's new...

• Uploading and sharing content using the free Google Drive service.
• Backing up your photos and videos from your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

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